Hillbilly Smoke



Quotes We had beans, ham & bbq, all are delicious. Quotes
Patsy Keathley

Quotes Great barbecue!!! I would highly recommend it to everyone. Makes a quick and easy meal! Quotes

Quotes Great BBQ, beans, and turkey!! Can't wait to try the ribs!!! Quotes
Tim Sleeth

Quotes I've ordered and samples numerous different foods from this guy and to say its delicious is a understatement! The prices are comparable and the food is great. I will definitely be continuing my business there and I fully recommend them. Quotes
Keith Mabe
Satisfied customer

Quotes The reception for our wedding was taken care of by hillbilly smoke and it was amazing. They showed up and set up on time. They were dressed for the occasion. Now the food, I had three plates myself. Pulled pork and baked beans, fried veggies and cheese dip was great. They brought drinks and even took care of plates and cups. Great service from you guys. Thanks a ton. Highly recomended. Quotes
Steven McDaniel
Newly wed

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